Monday, August 25, 2008


Welcome to the SLOW FOOD NATION

...we need to remember that the fresh, unadulterated, minimally processed, locally produced foods that Slow Food Nation is showcasing were our pantry staples, before the military-industrial complex annexed our food chain a half a century or so ago in the name of progress.

Read the entire story ,Welcome to the Food Revolution | Environment | AlterNet

Yesterday, there was the hint of autumn in the air,the morning temperature was 50F = 10C. We headed out on a bicycle ride with gloves and jackets. It was a wonderful trip along one of our favorite rides to a local feature called the Goat Hils. There were fog banks along the road and everything was quiet.

Today we took Nickel (that means lollygagger pace) to Lake Goldsmith and she was feeling the autumn too. Chasing pheasants from there hides and running down the corn and bean rows. It is the first day of school so there were no children on the street when we got back for fresh fruit smoothies. It will be corn and tomatoes and who knows what other garden produce for meals this week. Forestburg melons are in at the local market and all the gardens are keeping the farmer's market a great place to be.

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