Friday, June 29, 2007


Goat Hils Glacial Terrain Loop

This is a RIDE SLOWLY route. RIDE SLOWLY is movement to travel by bicycle on gravel and rural back roads taking time to enjoy the sights and sounds of rural areas, stop frequently to observe the flora and fauna, smell the wild flowers, and listen to the birds. SLOW - not just for food anymore.

Mouse over the map and take a quick tour of the route with the pop-up comments.

If you would like the cue sheet, click on the title of this article or the map and it will go to Bikely where you can print out the map and cue sheet and take it with you.

Enjoy a slow and rejuvenating bicycle road.

Oh, when you ride and see some road grader or farm tractor tracks, don't avoid them, enjoy the gentle rumble in your hands and feet.

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Lovely. You've captured something of the ambiance of our ride. Good job.
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