Tuesday, July 31, 2007


September 8 Preliminary Draft Route

Cycle to Stop the Cycle Ride

Add comments and significant points to be included in final draft in comments.

Click on the title of this post to go to the Bikely.com site and explore in greater detail.

Ride starts in Brookings at Sioux River Bicycles & Fitness and ends at Schade Vineyard one mile west of Volga on HY14.

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Why use Yahoo Maps for Rural Areas

First the Yahoo Map at the greatest zoom.

Next, the best that Google can do. You can see the answer yourself!

One word, Resolution.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Saturday Morning SLOW_Bicycle route

War is not the Answer

Slow - - -
not just for food anymore

The rides begin at the bike shop in Brookings, Sioux River Bicycles & Fitness Saturday morning at 7:30am. Several groups head out for different routes and distances. The SLOW group appreciates the enchantment of gravel byways. Click to see the dynamic map with the great satellite detail available on Yahoo Maps.

Gravel byway to Native Grass Plots

The highlight of the July 28th SLOW route was lying in the grass reminiscent of My Antonia at the USDA Research Farm plots. You will have to ask Mrs.B about the "intimate" details.


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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Yahoo Map App - Running Map

I prefer Yahoo Maps because the detail in rural areas far surpasses Google. I am trying to find an app that works like Bikely.com.

Running Map is one candidate. I have to play with it some. The mapping seems better but I haven't found how to insert into a blog. I have found in other Yahoo apps that it must first be inserted into 360 then take the code and use it in Blogger.

Stay tuned
Click to see the

in town cycling loop.



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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Making the connection to place through slow travel

Making the connection to place through slow travel:

This slow exploration is in direct contrast to conventional travel that seeks to ‘hit’ the major tourist features in a 20 km radius. Slow travelers are freed from these tedious pressures of standard tourism. By exploring on foot and by bike there are Enjoy traditional ways of doing things
Traditional ways of doing things opportunities to talk to people and find out the points of interest from their perspective.

Slow - not just for food anymore



Why ride fast?

Who cares about drugs? Society with its,that's all of us, hypocritical need to blame someone for something? Everyone is addicted. Society wants to believe its sports heroes are as clean as we delude ourselves into thinking we are. Rubbish!

RAGBRAI was just another venue where riders were trying to beat somebody. If not that they were talking numbers, how fast, how far, how long, wtf is that about?

It is not about speed or numbers, folks. It is a world wide mania teetering on "more."

Complete and unadulterated consumption horseshit.

The alternative: a slow, really slow, ride on a quiet gravel back road. Listen to the birds, stop and count the pebbles in a square decimeter and how long it took you rounded to the nearest hour if you need numbers to talk about, spot a new wild flower, listen to your heart beat when you see something new.

Bicycling is about a tee-totaling different world view.

Don't let speed and flash steal this from you. The criminal capitalistic incarnation of greed is winning now but it will not last. Wake up and sl-o--o---w down. Think subversion! Beat them with their own clubs. It will take some time but the world will thank you even if humans self-destruct!

War is not the Answer

Slow- - -
not just for food anymore

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



This event is pure spectacle. 15000+ people on bicycle riding across the prairie makes for quite a site. Riders as far as you can see ahead and behind. Colors, Crowds & Craziness (beer for potassium replacement)! because we can! Muscle and pie propel this mob--it makes Sturgis look like a bunch of weenies that need petroleum to underscore their inadequacies and beer to replace it.

Location of near collision with a deer. The poor animal ran across the road and nearly hit the women in front of me. We were just leaving town and not moving too fast which was fortunate. No collision. Next I passed a sail boat trike, sampled a pork chop on stick, met someone from Thailand visiting with an Iowa farm boy sitting next to me while we drank a fresh squeezed lemonade...

Check out some of the pics at the Des Moines Register site. I had a wonderful time just taking it all in. What a wonderful place to get my first long days in the sun for the season. Pictures just can't tell the story, but the video of the band does pretty well

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


RAGBRAI 2007 for the HB&T bus

Sunday July 22 - Rock Rapids to Spencer

July 23 - Spencer to Humboldt

Day 3 - July 24 - Humboldt to Alexander (Bus goes back to SF that afternoon).

Stay tuned for the post ride report.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


One More Morning Celebration

Check out the bird sitings at the intermediate points.

SLOW--not just for food anymore.

We started early enough so we don't have to hurry to see the end of Stage 4.

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