Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Minneapolis Ranks High AmongTwin Citiesg | MyFoxBike Commuters

MyFox Twin Cities | Minneapolis Ranks High Among Bike Commuters:

"Portland, Ore. is only U.S. city with more bike commuters

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minneapolis is full of green commuters, according to new U.S. Census numbers. The city is a national leader in the percentage of people who walk, bike and take public transit to work."

Minneapolis city leaders hope to maintain the city’s status as a bikeable and walkablecity by expanding the number of new bikeways and walking trails each year.

The cold weather is not a deterrent if the traffic management and safety are sufficient! Smaller cities of less than 50K could have half of trips by bicycle if they made it part of their plan. Much less expensive than more roads. Cuts sprawl. Makes cities more nice places to live and work and cheaper because cars and fuel needs are reduced accordingly. It's not rocket science, it's better.

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