Wednesday, July 25, 2007



This event is pure spectacle. 15000+ people on bicycle riding across the prairie makes for quite a site. Riders as far as you can see ahead and behind. Colors, Crowds & Craziness (beer for potassium replacement)! because we can! Muscle and pie propel this mob--it makes Sturgis look like a bunch of weenies that need petroleum to underscore their inadequacies and beer to replace it.

Location of near collision with a deer. The poor animal ran across the road and nearly hit the women in front of me. We were just leaving town and not moving too fast which was fortunate. No collision. Next I passed a sail boat trike, sampled a pork chop on stick, met someone from Thailand visiting with an Iowa farm boy sitting next to me while we drank a fresh squeezed lemonade...

Check out some of the pics at the Des Moines Register site. I had a wonderful time just taking it all in. What a wonderful place to get my first long days in the sun for the season. Pictures just can't tell the story, but the video of the band does pretty well

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