Monday, March 19, 2007


Crankset and Chainrings for DT VII IH w/ SA8

I have done some experimenting for the Downtube VIII H w/ Sturmey Archer 8 speed hub relative to the choice of cranks.

See 28 Feb 2007 & 7 Feb 2007 for details on the parameters I was considering.

I decide to go with the Bulletproof BMX cranks than can be used as a single or double chainring setup for the folder config (pic). This crankset has a 110mm BCD with a wide range of chainring choices (min 34) and with a 107 mm Shimano sealed bottom bracket the chainline is nearly perfect.

The 34/23 combo with the SA hub provides the lower gears that I prefer for touring European city and rural landscape with my carry-on pack mounted on rack. [I will get to that some day.]

I would still choose the Touring triple with the 110/74 mm BCD if I were looking to have some range and what to use the more common 113mm square Bottom Bracket. For example, if you were looking to make the Cruz bike conversion with SA on the FWD, switch to a derailleur on front or back, or ... . A simple switch of chainrings which typically cost less than $25 is an easy upgrade plus there are many excellent used parts especially if you stick with the square BB.

by WrencherWOAC

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