Wednesday, February 28, 2007


What one 110mm BCD installation looks like

I recently junked out a MTB with a Shimano Exage triple crankset (110 BCD) with a 74mm - 5 bolt circle granny. The middle and large chainrings were total junk so I pitched them--actually I turned them it wall decorations, the land fills are no place for art.

The 26 tooth granny was in good shape, it is a bit smaller than I would prefer, none-the-less it is an easy ride and provides a basis for comparison. Hard pedaling is not a something to be forced put up with when checking out a bicycle for comfort and actual use.

I took this pic to show what it looks like with the chain on the chainring aligned with the DT SA8 hub. It is mounted in the inside position for chainline allignment. The 110mm BCD bolt pattern holes can be seen behind the granny(middle & large chainrings removed, i.e. "art"). If you buy new you can keep the larger chainrings or trade them. [click the pic for greater detail]

When I get around to it, I will probably replace the 26 tooth with a 32 but right now I am going for a MTB snow ride. The DT will be waiting to accompany me when I travel off to parts unknown.

(Speed)* is Not the Answer
Ride a Bicycle

* War, Oil, well you fill in the blank

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