Sunday, August 10, 2008


Rain in the Morning

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There is nothing better than rain in the morning. It has been dry and we have been hoping for a nice shower, it seems like it has rained all around us, finally it was our turn. The tail end of the cold front was just what was needed.

It started about 6am so we got up and went out to enjoy it. Carrying water from our rain barrels to give those plants under the eves a shot of rain water and wading in the gutter along the street. It rained for about an hour and we were soaked and smiling when we came it for a bowl of oatmeal and fruit.

Nothing can beat a summer rain on the plains. We only heard one rumble of thunder during the whole time. What a special treat on my parents 72nd Wedding Anniversary.

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This is a great blog! I love it! I keep trying to talk Jeff into letting me bike to work, but he is not too keen on me biking home from the inner-city at 4 in the afternoon.
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