Saturday, May 17, 2008


Vacation never ends

Paris - May 12

Saturday, May 17, 2008 - Volga - Syttende Mai for you Norwegians

We are still on a trip. This morning befor sunrise we got on our bicycles and took Miss Nickel to our favorite place along 210th street in Volga Twsp. and found the migratory birds were all there to greet us. Last Saturday we were poking around in organic street market, Marche des Batignolles in Paris. Buying expensive roquefort cheese, fresh French bread and smelling fresh caught fish among the fromage (cheese) of every color and texture, vegetables and flowers, not to mention the most incredible apple strudel or whatever the French call it.

The late spring here in the Dakota is almost a miracle for us although I am sure the locals would beg to disagree. The leaves are popping out, the apple tree in our backyard will blossom in a few days, and the grass and flowers are getting a good start. Tulips in May? All the activities between now and mid June before I go to the Northern Plains Wrting Conference is almost more intense than the past month.

Today was special, so special with the cacaphony of sounds and sights in the prairie wetlands here in the Big Sioux River Valley. Goldsmith Lake is full and the outflow goes right along the road so bicycling is like being on kayak. A kickstand is best piece of equipment I ever bought for my moutain bike, actually I didn't buy it I found it along the road. Stopping and looking at the birds, animals and still life through binoculars is so astounding sometiimes we forget to breathe. Two hours of ecstacy then our special breakfast followed by coffee & Irish cream liquer, it can't get better than that!

But don't count on it. Depending on the location there is always so much to indulge the senses and the soul. As I post this blog, Carol shouted,

"The humming birds are here!"

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