Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today we heard the Brown Thrasher sing

Full moon, cool dry air, before sunrise.

Took Nickel out with our bicycles to our favorite Birdwatching area to see what happening. We saw the Brown Thrasher the first day. The guide books say "Brown Thrashers are able to vocalize 3000 distinct songs," but we never really have seen them performing, they are always just flying way ahead of us. but today was different. From a perch high in a cottonwood tree he sang and sang, each trill another new sound. On the way back to town about an hour and half later he flew low across the road in front of us showing his brown back then hopped up the tree and began singing once more.

The sedge wrens were and common yellow throats were all along the route and we saw a yellow legs for the first time this year although I am sure they have been around. Meadow larks and bobolinks were in the fields and on the fence wires, plovers and dowitchers in the wet fields plus teal, mallards and geese everywhere we looked.

We are so glad we didn't miss the spring migration. We are on the lookout for a Kingfisher and maybe we will check out the orioles at the lake this afternoon. The weather is jus too nice to stay inside.

No Kingfisher, but the yellow and yellow-rumped warblers, orchard and Baltimore Orioles, and song sparrows were out and putting on a natural vocal performance while the Kingbirds keep us company on the way home.Of course there are always the Yellow head and Red wing blackbirds that I enjoy hearing as I ride, which proves that I am no birder after all.

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