Sunday, May 11, 2008


Paris is still magic

We have not posted for a few days because it took some doing to figure how to make the Internet connection work here at the Hotel Aviatic. Finally got the quirks figured out. The hotel is in the Montparnasse and it as nearly as all French as it gets, which is cool, but it does make it more difficult to work out problems. Merci beaucou only gets you so far.

We did not expect to have this feeling of being back but it will take some time to capture just what we mean although there is a French phrase that I can't recall at this moment that says it all. Riding the buses, those we know and many others, visiting old haunts and discovering new routes and new places has been such a treat for both us. We just look at each other with big loopy grins.

Saturday morning we went to the cathedral atop Montmarte (Sacre Coeur we Santa Croce) which is very impressive. There were lots of visitors there and many friends have told us in the past that it is their favorite tourist feature in Paris. Somehow we had never gotten there before. It is quite the place given the views and the structure of the cathedral. It is large and in a Romanesque architecture as opposed to the more common Gothic style of Notre Dame.

We have all kinds of details to report that we will be working on over the next few days. This post is just a hint on the special relationship we have developed with this city. No, we have not quite slipped over the edge, but we are trying ;-)

Ah, Paris. Mon amour. The love you have of the city clearly shines through your words. Enjoy your last few days there with every cell in your being and we'll see you soon. Today is Miss Nickel's 9th Birthday. We sang to her. Love,C
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