Thursday, May 08, 2008


Heidelberg, My home town

My memory of this place has always been very positive. Over the year it has maintained its special place in my heart. Before last year, I was not aware that my father's families, both paternal and maternal ancestry. were from an village very nearby. Is it any wonder that I feel at home here? More detail on Geni (Catherin Bertsch (Lang) if you are a member of the family.

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The Heidelberg castle is without equal anywhere. We spent all morning wandering the grounds and recalling special memories from days past, hehe. Something new, there is flock of sheep that graze the steep area of castle grounds and the bird song is better than best. Our hike on the castle grounds was a bird song serenade from beginning to end. Unbeatable.

As it happens, the hostel is run by a bar/restaurant that serves the best German food in the city. Wow. The kids we visited with, a girl from Dallas and a man from here, were great fun. Such good times and Carol reports the Riesling from Baden Baden is much better than we get at home. Surprise.

Interesting fact: the church once had a wall down the middle to split the Catholics from the Lutherans back in early 18th century.

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