Monday, April 28, 2008


YOHO eats and drinks - last morning

Apr 28 - caution this is not a blog,it is a blurg ( I have no spell check, arrrg)---

On afternoon nap break at he YoHo, actually I liked my version, YoJo, better but I guess it is the Croatians that use a ' j ' not the Austrians, or maybe it is only the confused American.

It is a beautiful weather day for April in Salzburg---the official weather reporting station has been in the downtown square since the 19th century. So we went virtual on the bicycle tour and wandered the streets at a gawkers pace, wurst at a street cafe followd by fancy chocolat desset at a specialty shop for lunch. Ah these people know how to make fine mustard and gut brot. Schon. There are so many bicycles sitting and waiting for a rider here in Salzburg, many other places too. This calls for a new idea for sharing. I put it in a private note <-:)

I have been making notes for later writing ideas of the following kind,

First came Amadeus

In Franz Josef park,
Bronze pipers in their innocent nakedness
Announce peace for the world.
The smooth curve of the buttocks
Suspended . . .
Time for sweet music
love & harmony

This hostel concept is so much the better than hotels. The breakfast room is filled with energy and mostly fresh faces. One not so young Irishman from London (45orso) joined us to visit and share coffee. John Kingston who works with the tourist board in Rijeka and the nearby resort that the emperor of Austria used to visit during the summer after building the first railroad to Croatia. He said the place he represented was trying to get some of the Dubrovnik action and that it was a bit of a reflection of CRIVENCIA, at least in proximity to Rijeka, that we thought was so clean and nicely appointed for a stay and walk about. Apparently (Oplatia, sp) is about 30 km South of Rijeka but on the other side of the bay. I guess the details will need to wait for a later investigation.

He was quite interested in our story about the bus ride from Split to Rijeka, our ideas about piecing the trip by buying tickets on the bus as you go. We exchanged emails and for once I got a picture to go into the email address book. We asked about cycling on the Green Isle; Mr Kingston said he didn't consider bicycling in Ireland to be safe anymore. Too much fast, impatient traffic. A fact that is not hard to imagine in truth but still not pleasant to hear.

Truism of the day: Money ruins everything

Hey howdy hey--how goes it? Loved your post today. I can't believe you guys are about 1/2 done with your trip already. Crazy! We're doing just fine. If you get time, go to our blog today, we put up a new pic of Mira that is just precious. Not much else for excitement. Its chilly here and supposed to be very cold this weekend. Again.
The kids are doing great and we're busy as usual. Been watching some interesting and disturbing movies of late. One was shot from angle of personal video so when they walked, ran, so did the viewer. It was surreal.
I better run. Busy here and the phone is not my friend. I plan to call Gma Alma today sometime. Love you both. Have fun and eat something good for me. Love,C
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