Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here we are in Berlin and it's Tuesday

Apr 29 nach Berlin via Munchen and Nuremburg

There were several water colorists selling their paintings along the street in Salzburg. Some of the work was not bad but nothing of captivating quality. We had a nice time visiting the galleries , but Salzburg in April is not a place with many opportunities for finding great art. I am guessing it might pick up as they move into the tourist season.

After a great day in Salzburg we decided to try out the happy hour at the hostel. We met up with two gentlemen, one from Trenberth, Australia and one from Chicago. Neil Wood is a rancher in the Trenberth area 300 miles from the coast. 100 cow/ calf - Angus cows - Charolais Bull x Santa Gratutis. Kind of your odd lot but quite interesting in that he had a 2 year visa for Europe and also planned to go to Canada where he had a friend with a dairy farm near Ottawa.

The other person, was a former science teacher who had moved on to being a Fireman. He apparently had property all over the place and now at the age of 41 expects to retire in 13 years. The common thing about these two guys was that they held women in low regard and did not trust them, but they wanted a queen for a wife. Go figure! Gramma Carol had to bite her tongue all night, but we still had lots of good conversation.

Last night we had planned to travel to Copenhagen but when we started to check accommodations it became apparent that something big was going on for May 1-3. Most rooms were full and the prices were jacked up so we changed our plans and decided that first we would go to Berlin, make our plans for Copenhagen from there and fit that in between Berlin and Paris.

We called and got reservations at a hostel in Berlin for tonight and are scheduled to arrive at 18:00. It turns out the big party for the May Day weekend is happening here too. It might get interesting.

btw, free WiFi here but no party room.

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