Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hello from Nimes

NOTE: This was from this morning when we just thought we had the internet fixed. Maybe pictures next.

April 17

We were fortunate to change our afternoon reservation on the TGV to an 8:21am departure to Avignon. We had about 30 minutes to find the train an get on so it was quite nice. That made for an arrival in Nimes by 14:00 instead of 17:00 which was really nice. We were shelled :).

The Hotel Majestic may not quite be majestic but it is a large room by 2 star standards and has a balcony. We went about town this morning and found some places we had on our list. If the weather holds we plan to bicycle to Pont du Guard tomorrow. We are going to catch the 13:15 train to Avignon and spend some time there and maybe a lunch.

I was having trouble getting the WiFi to work in the hotel so I went down and reset the router which solved the problem and saved us from having to eat at Mac and Dons grease center to use there free internet ;->

Dear Saela and Martin and Mira,
Grandma and Grandpa miss you very much. I just talked to a French couple out on the street walking their dog. They were very happy to visit with me. The woman understood English very well so it was easy to visit.
On the plane, we had Karen as our flight attendant. We weren't in first class but she brought first class to us. Brought fancy dessert and a comfort kit with a toothbrush and airplane sox. So comfortable and cozy. I had my first kabob last night. It tasted sooooooo good.
The French countryside was lovely enough to keep us awake on the trip from CDG to Avignon. Cattle and horse both white.

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