Tuesday, April 15, 2008


First Step Success

Security check was uneventful and everything seems to be in order for the flight from Minneapolis (MSP) to Paris - Charles DeGaulle (CDG)

Our schedule is to leave Minneapolis at 3:30 this afternoon and arrive at 7:20am (Paris local time) tomorrow morning. We have a bit of a wait for the TGV (fast train) to Avignon in southern France. We are going to see if we can go earlier but if not maybe take the local regional train, RER (see map), and go to Paris for a few hours before catching the train south to Avignon. We know the TGV goes to Gare De Lyon and that is pretty close to where we go anyway. The RER from CDG goes to Paris Nord and from there it is just a hop to downtown (St Michel-Notre Dame).

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HL & Mrs. B: Hope all is well on your first day. All's well here. Nickel misses you, but will be just fine. Smiles. Red.
HL & Mrs. B:

Nickel getting along fine. Fence is going in next week...Wahooo! She'll enjoy that through the remainder of your absence. Going to take part in community Earth Day celebrations tomorrow; it's supposed to be 69 and sunny, so should be a good day. Hope all's well. Red.
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