Friday, April 25, 2008


Day trip to a Dalamatian Island

Apr 25
Split to Brec(h) for a day trip.

Brec is a laid back island with some resort activity but is most well known for its Golden Beach which is a point the extends out into the Aridriatic. It was a bright and sunny today and there were a few sun bathers but most concession were not operating.

We traveled on the 9:00 ferry (Jadrolina) for a 45 min ride to the island of Brec. The ferry ride provided nice view of Split and the surrounding area. After the ferry docked in Supetar we took the bus to Bol on the south side of the island were the pebble beaches and Golden Beach are located. It was a great ride though the villages in the middle part of the island. We walked on the beach to Golden Beach, waded and took pictures, then returned to catch the 13:30. We even found a dog beach on Brec that Nickel would have loved. She would have had the whole place to herself!

As it happens, there was a taxi driver there who offered us the same rate as the bus. We accepted. He had talked to Carol the day before and we had a nice visit about the island of Brec on the trip back to Supetar where he lives with his family.We even had a discussion about what it would cost to organize a support vehicle for a bicycle trip in the off season (October-November).
We touched base with Neda as soon as we got back to Split but she has to work 19-22 this evening so we will not be able to make the dinner date but we gave her our email (Caribou.Projects) and she recommended a restaurant for fresh fish. We also made promises to see her when she came to Chicago to visit her cousin.

We are planning a next trip, of course, that expands on our nice introduction tha lasted a whirlwind 4 days and 3 nights. Although the visit was short it has been very relaxing; just the sort of thing one needs as a break from hard travel.

The trip to Ljubljana looks like it might be a bit of a struggle. It will take most of the day as we have to travel back to Zagreb then take a train back West. The connections are not good but so it goes, we may be able to check out a museum in Zagreb tomorrow afternoon before departing to Lubjanna about 18:00 for a 2 hour trip.

After checking bus connections to Rijeka, Croatia that takes the road up along the coast we decided to go that way. Wecan use our time to explore the Istria peninsula instead of speding time traveling back throuh Zagreb and waiting for a train<

Looks like you two are having an amazing time. Jill and I are Jealous.
Hi, Guys. The picture of Carol in the water off Brec makes us want to drink it up. The weather there looks like quite a contrast to what we're having here - check out for the latest. Nickel misses you, and we won't tell her how much fun she would have had at Brec. More safe travels to you. Love, Martin, Cassi, Saela, Martin, Mira, Nickel and Tre
PS - For some reason, MeritCare blocks associates from viewing or submitting comments to blogs. Only option is to send e-mails, so keep looking at your Moetail accounts. :)
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