Sunday, April 20, 2008


An April Sunday in the Alps

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The weather was beautiful all day and the skiers and snowboarders were out to enjoy what might be the last of the spring season.

The views set a new standard for spectacular. We left the Rugenpark B&B at 8:00 after a great breakfast and with a couple sandwiches packed for the trip. From there it was all uphill until we reached the top at 11:00. The cable car rides are a very special way to climb into the rugged heights, but the cog train from Winteregg-Mürren is pretty special too. Everywhere we went the view of Jungfrau was the dominant feature on the landscape and it is now wonder it gets the center of attention. We were glad we choose Schilthorn though because it is the highest in the area and one can see all the other peaks in every direction. Watching the snow recreation was pretty cool too.

I will not go into the details of the trip until I get to the map making stage, but I will say the walks in and around Murren and Gimmelwald on the way back were especially pleasing. After we had taken the bus from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen we took an extra hour to have picnic of of sandwiches and a can of beer from the kiosk at the RR station. As we ate, the parasailors were framed by a veil of a water fall on the right, the white snow of the high Alps in the back ground and the afternoon light on the canyon wall on the left. What a treat.

We were back to Interlaken by 16:00 and pleasantly tired and glowing with the energy of the alpine environment flowing through us and pushing out knowing smiles. Knowing that we know nothing but we feel a special euphoria.

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