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Encouraging Bicycling - Transportation

Sierra Club

Encouraging Bicycling - Transportation - Sierra Club: "Stop Sprawl En espa´┐Żol
Encouraging Bicycling

John Pucher, Charles Komanoff, and Paul Schimek, in their article, 'Bicycling Renaissance in North America: Recent Trends and Alternative Policies to Promote Bicycling,' (Transportation Research A, Vol. 33, Nos. 7/8, September/November 1999, pp. 625-654) provide a great review of bicycle use, safety, roadway design, the influence of ISTEA and TEA21, and through case studies of six U.S. and one Canadian city, factors affecting cycling and provide steps to encourage cycling."

Active Transportation

This section is designed to provide tips, link to resources and recommend helpful gear for enjoying your active trip, no matter what the conditions. Many of these "barriers" are really easy to accommodate and just require a little planning ahead.

Federal Highway Administration University Course
on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation

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