Tuesday, March 20, 2007


HyMDT Cruzbike Folder (Update)

Equinox - a good day for a new ride

I went out to the hardware store and bought a automotive stud bolt (threads on each end) of the same diameter & 62mm in length cut a length of tubing for a spacer to hold the brass bushings in place on the Pivot Clamp, used 2 jam nuts on the outside ends. Very nice looking and works great. Maybe the dowel pin wasn't so essential after all.

In fact, I kind of like the idea of a solid shaft at this joint--even if the nuts loosen the shaft will stay in place but I am not so sure of the other system. I do know the threaded joint is inside and not easily seen, I don't like that.

I assembled things and got around the block a couple times this afternoon on a test ride. It's a bit strange to begin, but I am sure that has been said before. How the heck do I know how it handles, I don't have any basis for comparison? Actually it felt pretty good despite the 35mph winds.

I have some tweaking to do before I am finished and ready for the road, but it looks like I'll be ready before the weather is pleasant. I am sure riding skill will improve quickly, but I am not ready for a video quite yet.

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