Saturday, March 24, 2007


Front Wheel Drive - Is it practical?

This article from the patent holder of the FWD system used on the Cruzbike recumbents, John Traylor:

A far simpler way of building a FWD bike is to mount the bottom bracket in front of the front wheel but have it attached to the fork instead of to the frame. This type is known as a pivoting bottom bracket (my emphasis), or swivel nose FWD. This type has some unique advantages over both SWB and LWB bikes.

Spend additional time exploring Tom Traylor's Unusual Hobbies. Some of the things that appealed to me are snippets like these, "My son, Dean, has been writing poetry since high school, ... my son-in-law Glenn, is experimenting..., field of human powered vehicles and ... something to use my years of shop skills..."

He is into racing while I like the country backroads but our hearts must be in the same place!

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