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Downtube in a suitcase

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and we encourage other to learn about it and do the same. pic to see full size detail!

I acquired an American Trunk&case 28"(x20x14)Upright that has some reinforced sides at a department luggage sale (<90USD). It is comparable to the 29" Samsonite hardside roller for space but it has 20" roller wheel spacing so that it dosn't fall over all the time, plus it has some exterior pockets and 1200 denier poly exterior w/ some padding so that it looks like a regular piece of luggage (could be used that way by anyone who would actually need that kind of space if not taking their folder along), but people can still see you're cheap.

A bit of disassembly is required but the Dowtube VIIIH w/ SA8 fits right in. The preliminary step-by-step and a couple pics are all I have at the moment. Please try this at home. After a couple of practice runs it can be done in less than 15 minutes with a minimum of tools

Putting the Downtube VIIIH SA8 in a suitcase (20x28x12):

1. release brakes so wheels can be removed
2. loosen bar ends enough so they rotate
3. loosen the front reflector
4. remove the pedals
5. remove the rear rack (be smart - replace screws with allen heads)
6. remove the kick stand (throw it away when your partner isn' looking)
7. remove the seat post (did I have to include this?)
8. fold the stem down and give the SA cable some slack by pushing back through stays (disassembly not required)
9. remove front wheel-remove the quick release
10. loosen rear wheel
11. take chain off sprockets
12. remove rear wheel and fold under frame,
13. release hinge, remove hinge bolt (simple to do)
14. fold front frame assembly back under the back half
(front fork should nest in rear triangle- the left side thru the seat and chain stays)
15. remove handle bars and loosen stem angle screw
16. fit the pieces in the suitcase (don’t forget the pieces you removed as shown in the pic)
17. note: the rack has to nest with the back wheel- crank position as shown
18. have a beer--it works.

Stay tuned for greater details, an guide to put inside the suitcase, maybe even a vid with audio.

Here is a link to some guidelines for checked baggage (this is a fluid deal so caveat-emptor. Check with the carrier and get a written statement just in case.

Basically this is it:

Checked Luggage
Most Airlines will accept a total of two pieces of checked luggage, subject to the same maximum weight limitation as stated for domestic travel, which is 50 pounds per piece and not more than 62 linear inches per piece.

Carry-On Luggage
Most Airlines will accept one carry-on item, with a maximum outside linear dimension of 45 inches. This piece must be of a size and shape to fit under the seat in front of the passenger, or in an enclosed overhead compartment. In addition to the one piece of carry-on luggage, customers may also carry a briefcase or a laptop computer or a purse. Luggage not meeting these specifications must be transported as checked baggage.

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