Sunday, May 15, 2005


Paris- Normandy

Yeah Normandy is a good side trip-good train connections. The Whole Normandy thing is excellent. Take a guided tour from a local place. We stayed and in a funky hotel in Bayeux where the BoyouTapestry is but there are lots of places you could stop like Caen or... wherever looks interesting. I would say Chartre Chathedral if you want coutry and one of the most incredible places in the world--nice comparsion to Notre Dame in Paris.

We stayed in the Latin Quarter in Paris--it is central- We stayed at funky little hotel called the Hotel Sorbonne. Cheap cool. There are hostels there too.

The hotels france website was a good link they list them all. The hostel.france is great even if you don't make reservations, at least you know where they are and what they cost. They list hotels too good comparsion for other sites. It is a good link to have and you can go into any internet cafe and go to this site and find you links. Internet cafes are easy to find and good places to make find out what goin./.

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