Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Auntie Carol Speaks

Alan added his comments to your post. He is so wierd. He probably is not done but it is my time at the keyboard.

I am so excited for you. You will have the best time.
Some suggestions:
Simplify your make-up routine. Make-up is so heavy and you can always buy stuff there. Or get some small bottles specifically for travel. Get one of those care free hair styles. Shampoo and go. Don't take gels, hair dryers, spray etc. Too heavy and bulky.
Get lightweight bras and underpants, those no cotten, spandex types. I got mine at Target etc. 2-3 panties and 2 bras. Rinse out, wring in a towel, and they are dry by morning easy. (We found a bungee cord/clothes line at the dollar store with attached clothes pins that worked very well.) Also, take a supply of light day pads so the wash out is easy. Also, may not have toilet paper etc. and these keep you fresh etc etc. I sound like a TV add.
Don't take a house coat. Too bulky and you just don't use them that much. If you need one, wear one of Mike's shirts. Shop hard for lightweight summer jeans. And then sew velcro strips on the edge of a front pocket and a back pocket for security.
I pack in heavy duty Ziplock bags. Squeeze all the air out for a very snug fit. This also helps keep your stuff organized. Take 3-4 extra bags.
Use your purse as a daypack. Daypacks encourage taking too much stuff, and your shoulder gets sore. Get a jacket that will also do as a raincoat. And double check that you can get it in your purse for when you don't need it. Don't take a cutsy little purse with a stringy strap. Wide straps are more comfortable, and harder for someone to cut and run. You can find purses in travel catalogs with metal reinforcements in bag straps etc. if you want to go that far.
Above all, look confident and in control. Be awake and don't be victimized. Study the guidebooks and maps the night before so you can mostly stride right along and avoid tight spots.
More later. I'm so happy for you. This is the greatest!!!
Love, Auntie

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